TrueBeam treatment Machine with the following text on the image - Radiotherapy evolved. The TrueBeam system gives you advanced technology and innovations to treat more patients and cancer types. radiosurgery redefined. The TrueBeam STx system is engineered to deliver higher doses to smaller areas, allowing you to treat the most challenging cases.

In the past, the physicians of Radiation Oncology Centers of Nevada have led the community in bringing state of the art equipment to the valley. Therefore, to continue that trend we are offering cutting-edge equipment to include:

  • Varian Linear accelerator TrueBeam and the TrueBeam STx (specifically designed for Radiosurgery)
  • Varian Linear accelerators Silhouette iX and Clinac 6EX
  • 2 GE CT Scanners, 16 slice wide bore therapy dedicated and 8 slice standard bore
  • Varian Varisource HDR
  • Vision RT – A new product the three-dimensionally allows for the most accurate set-up possible without ionizing radiation. Vision RT is unique in its ability to provide patient set up, surveillance, and tumor tracking in real time. No other IGRT system provides as rapid and precise information as Vision RT.
  • Eclipse treatment planning software and Aria patient management with electronic medical records.

Technology Spotlight:

 An Introduction to TrueBeam™

The TrueBeam system is a radiotherapy system that uses noninvasive tumor-destroying radiation to treat cancers throughout the body as it minimizes exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. Developed by Varian Medical Systems, a world leader in radiotherapy oncology solutions, this powerful technology is precise, accurate and fast. In fact, most treatments only take minutes a day. And the TrueBeam system’s advanced imaging and treatment modes allow doctors to tailor treatments specifically to particular cancer.